Subjects are selected by teachers each time they set homework. Each school will start with a number of subjects by default or have theirs imported via the MIS, but you may want to add new ones or amend existing ones.

The subjects list is available under the Admin settings menu.

Create a new subject

Add a new subject at any time by clicking Create subject. Entering the name of the subject in the text box and select a 'Standard Subject'. If you cannot find a matching standard subject select 'Generic/Unclassified.

Standard subjects are used to help share useful insights with your school in our termly reports. The more accurate the information on that page is, the better information we can share.

Teachers will be able to use this new subject immediately. 

Manage existing subjects

You can freely ✏️Edit or 🗑️Delete any subject on the list. However, if those are still used in the MIS, the old subject will be re-imported with the next sync.

💡Top tip: Deleting a subject won't affect previously created homework but it will stop Teachers from using this subject on future homework.

Merge similar subjects

If you have two similar subjects that you would like to combine, you can use the merge tool.

For example, you may want to merge the subjects "PE" and "Physical Education". In order to replace every record of  the former with the latter, click Merge for "PE" and select "Physical Education" from the list. 

Every homework previously set for "PE" will be now show for "Physical Education" instead and your list will only show the one subject from now on. 

⚠️Please be careful when merging subjects as this action cannot be undone!

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