Generate Login Details

Generate login slips for students and parents, download a table of pins and parent codes or export a mail merge file

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School administrators can produce login letters or slips with the student and parent login details. Start by going to Admin →  Login details.

Note: Whenever login letters are generated, they expire all student PINs and parent codes to ensure all generated codes have the same expiry date. It is recommended that only one administrator handle login letters, as multiple admins generating login letters will cause others to become invalid.

Step 1

To begin, select one of the following groups: Year Group, Registration Group, or the entire school. Once you've selected, click Continue.

Step 2

In this step, you can choose which format you want the user information in and whether to include students, parents, or both. Select your options and click Generate

Select a format

You can now choose to generate

  • a concise table of PINs, ideal for form tutors that wish to have quick access to the codes for the students that frequently forget their login details

  • slips for the student and their parent(s) or guardian(s)

  • a mail merge file to create your own, customised letter

Choose which users to include

Specify whether you want to print letters for students, parents, or both.

Never logged in students

Tick this option if you only wish to print letters for the students that have never logged in. Leave this option unticked if you wish to retrieve letters for the whole school. 

Schools with Single sign-on

Letters for schools that have a Single sign-on integration for their students, will contain parent codes as normal and SSO login instructions for students. 

💡Top Tip: Want to print out a letter for a single student instead? Go to Admin → Manage users → Students, search for the student and click on the PDF icon beside their name.

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