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Add, remove, view, and edit classes for your school

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General class information

The Manage classes section allows admins to view and edit classes. From this section admins will be able to:

  • Check teachers and students are linked to classes

  • Quickly access the Gradebook and Student list for a class

  • Create, delete, and edit classes

Creating and deleting classes

Manual school admins can create new classes from Manage classes by clicking Create new class. Then, in the side panel, the class name, teacher, and students can be added to the class. To delete a class, click the  icon.

⚠️Please note: you will only be able to delete classes that have not had homework set to them.

MIS managed schools will not be able to create classes from Manage classes as classes are created automatically when we import data from your MIS. Likewise, classes that are created automatically cannot not be deleted and will remain for the duration of the academic year.

Teachers, however, will be able to create new classes manually. This must be done from the account of the teacher who wishes to set up the manual class group by going to My classes. Once it has been created, a Show My Homework admin can edit or delete the class from Manage classes. 

Editing classes

Click on the pencil icon for the class you would like to edit. To add a teacher to the class, click on the Teacher field and locate the relevant teacher using the drop down menu. To remove a teacher, simply click the  beside the name of the relevant teacher.

To add a student to the class, click on the Select from existing students drop down menu and locate the relevant student by searching for their name. To remove a student, simply click the X by the name of the relevant student.

Top tip: Remember to click Save changes before navigating away from the menu or your work will be lost. If you make a change in error, click Cancel to leave the menu.

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