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This section allows you to view and edit the personal details of users at your school. Administrators are able to:

💡Top tip: Clicking on a student's name will allow you to see more information such as Insights, their homework list, their Gradebook, and homework calendar for that student. 

View and edit personal details

You can click on  Edit ✏️to view or edit personal details such as a user's name and email.

When a user is created in Satchel One, we import their preferred name as a matter of course. Please note that if a user's name or email address is overwritten in your MIS subsequent to their initial import into Satchel One, these details will not automatically update in Satchel during the overnight import. Please visit Manage Users and manually edit the user's details as needed.

Note: When editing a student's profile, their year group, registration group and linked classes will also be visible. Manual schools can delete and add classes for individual students but MIS-managed schools will not be able to edit these here.

Roles and admins rights

You are able to change the account type of a teacher or staff member. While editing a user's account, select the correct role at the top of the side panel and save. The changes will take effect immediately.

A school administrator can enable the Make admin option to give admin privileges to other Teachers or Staff members, or disable it to revoke them.

Send password reset links

Send a welcome email to new starters or help users reset their forgotten passwords by clicking on the mail action ✉️beside their name. 

They will instantly receive a message on their registered email to help them access their account and create a new password.

Create new accounts

For schools with an MIS integration, new users will be automatically created during the nightly data imports.

Manual schools, i.e. those without an MIS integration, will be able to create new accounts by clicking the Create button and filling in a user's personal details.

To create additional parent accounts for a student, go to Manage students and click the 🔓lock to copy their Parent code. Alternatively, click on the PDF icon to print a login slip which you can give to the parent. The parent code can be used to create five parent/guardian accounts for a student before it expires.

Delete leavers

For MIS-managed schools, users that no longer appear in the nightly data imports will have their names crossed out to indicate that they are leavers. 


Leavers are automatically deleted from Satchel One after 90 days of inactivity

To make it easier to manage those that have left ahead of their automatic deletion, you can:

  • Check the Show only leavers option 

  • Click on the checkbox on the top left corner to select all users on this page.

  • Select the matching results from all pages which makes removing large groups of users a breeze by clicking 'Select all' in the yellow banner.

  • Now click Actions > Delete to remove their accounts. 

⚠️Please ensure that MIS data is correct, as the deletions are irreversible

Disable accounts

You can suspend a user's account by temporarily disabling it; no personal or homework data will be lost with this change. Disabled users will not be able to login or access the site and can be re-enabled any time.

You can disable users account by following the below steps:

> Admin
> Manage Users
> Choose Students, Teachers, Staff Members or Parents at the top.
> In the search box on the top left-hand side, type the name of the user whose account is to be disabled.
> Tick the box next to their name.
> Click the blue 'Actions' button on the top left-hand side.
> Click 'Disable'. This will prevent the user from being able to log in.

Update emails

You can bulk-update student and teacher emails by clicking the Update emails button. Follow the instructions on the screen to download our template and fill in the new emails for the users you wish to update.

You should be able to export a list from your MIS and use an excel formula (vlookup) to combine the two datasets.

⚠️Please take extra care to not move the ID column (A) to avoid updating the wrong accounts.

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