Marking Schemes

Add or manage your school's marking schemes

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Marking Schemes are used by teachers to grade a student’s homework. Each school will start with a number of standard schemes by default, but you may want to add new ones or amend the old ones.

To get started, navigate to Admin > Settings > Marking Schemes. From here, you will see the names of each Marking scheme and the ascribed values.

You can Deactivate a scheme to make it unavailable to teachers. Similarly, you can make a scheme available by clicking Activate.

Creating a new marking scheme

Click Create new marking scheme to make a custom one. First enter a title for your custom scheme. Next, specify the full range of possible grades in the provided field, each separated by a comma or in a new line.

Once you're done,  click Create marking scheme, and it will become immediately available to all teachers to use when setting homework tasks.

💡Top tip: You can edit a marking scheme at any time by clicking the pencil icon beside the relevant marking scheme.

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