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Create Seating templates for your teachers' plans

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With our Seating app, which can be integrated with your school's data, teachers can optimise their classrooms so every student is seated in the place that suits them best. Seating plans can be exported and printed in just a click.

Create Seating templates

School administrators can create Seating templates for the teachers to use. A template is a pre-defined set of rows and columns, as well as desk configurations. For example, administrators could create a template for each classroom, so that teachers will only need to add the pupils on their desks, according to their preferred setup, thus saving precious time!

  • Go to Admin > Manage Seating

  • Go to Seating templates

  • Start by clicking Create new seating template

  • Give your template a name, e.g. the room, and select the grid (number of rows and columns)

  • Next, you can drag and drop the desks in the right configuration.

  • Click Create seating template or Save and add another seating template to make another one!

Make sure to activate the template once finished! Only active templates are shown to teachers. Templates can be edited, deactivated or deleted by admins at any time.

๐Ÿ’กTop tip: Teachers can also reuse the layout of any plan that has previously been made by them or another colleague.ย 

Importing Assessment data

Ensure that you visit Admin > Settings > Data Permissions and consent to 'Assessment Results'.

Once this has been done, you can visit Admin > Settings > Assessment.

Here you will see any previously imported Assessment aspects with the options to edit or delete them. Should you wish to delete multiple aspects at once, you can use the tick boxes to the left of each aspect and then click the blue 'Actions' button at the top of the page; this will give you the option to 'Delete'.

If you'd like to import new aspects, click the 'Update aspects' button at the top right of the page.

This will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Click the 'download our CSV template' hyperlink and input your aspect information following the guidance given.

When you've done this, save your CSV and click the green 'Upload CSV' button. Upload your file to complete this process; all aspects will now become available to staff using Satchel One.

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