Differentiated Homework enables teachers to set differentiated tasks for students. Any task can have up to five different categories, or trays. Within each of these trays are different tasks. This provides a highly flexible and engaging way of setting homework.

Set a Differentiated Homework

To begin, click the Create differentiated homework button in the Set Homework menu. You will then be taken to a form where you will fill in some general information about the task.
Title: First, enter the title for the homework. This will appear on the school calendar, as well as the students’ personal calendars.

Describe the task for your students: Fill this box with the information the students need to know about the task. You can include hyperlinks by clicking on the chain icon towards the right-hand side.

Subject: Select a subject for the task. This will help students locate their homework on the school calendar. It’s also important for reporting purposes.   

Class group(s): Select the class group your homework will be assigned to from the drop down menu.

Top tip: Repeat this step as many times as necessary to set homework to multiple classes. You can also post homework to a class you are covering: the classes you don't teach can be found at the bottom of that list.

Marking scheme: Choose a marking scheme from the drop down menu. This will allow you to grade the homework accordingly later. New marking schemes can be created by a school admin. If you are a school admin and would like to add a new marking scheme, find the instructions to do so here.

Issue and Due dates: The Issue date field allows you to set the date on which the task will first appear in the school calendar as well as the student and parent personal calendars. This allows you to set homework far in advance but prevents students from rushing ahead. The Due date field allows you to select the last day the task will be open for submissions.

Cover photo (optional): How about a sneak peak or a hint? Add a cover photo! Click on the Choose file button and select the image you wish to use. For optimum use, images should be at least 250x1170.  

How should students submit this task:

→ Class submission - Students will hand in homework in class.

Trays: Tasks are sorted into trays. Within each tray, you can add multiple tasks. For each task, you can add a description and attach files by dropping them on the upload area or by pressing the Upload from my computer button. Alternatively, store files on My Drive for easy access from any device.

Add new Tray: You can name the tray (please press Enter on your keyboard to save the new tray) and add instructions in the description box. New trays can be used to differentiate factors of your choice; for example, difficulty, subject matter, or class groups for reading or maths. You can add up to five trays, so get creative: Starter/Main/Dessert, Mild/Spicy/Hot, Monday - Friday and so on!

Once you are happy with your differentiated homework, you can set the homework by pressing Publish assignment. Alternatively, save a draft at any time. You can access your drafts from the My Resources section.

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