The Reuse feature allows you to save time by giving you the option to quickly set tasks already published. This is a great way to set homework to multiple classes without having to create the homework from scratch each time.


When you visit My Resources, click the Homework tab to see all homework's that have been created by you and other teachers at the school.

Once you have found the task you wish to reuse, click on the reuse symbol found in the middle of the homework box. This will take you to the creation page for the homework and from here you will be able to publish the task as normal.

If you select the name of the homework task you will be directed to the homework you assigned to the class. From here you will also be able to reuse the homework as well as assess any submissions made to the original homework.

Via the Calendar

Locate and select the homework you wish to reuse on your personal or school calendar. You will then be directed to the page above and  here you can click the Actions button in the top right corner and select the Reuse option.

Note: Your personal calendar (My calendar) will show homework that you have set only. The School Calendar will show homework set by all teachers.

Via Set Homework

When setting any type of homework task, you will see a box to the right showing the 5 most recent tasks set by teachers at your school. Click Reuse next to the title, and the details of the task will populate the homework you are creating. Just choose a class and a due date and publish!

If you don't see the task you would like to reuse, try clicking See all tasks to be taken to the Resources page. From there you can browse all homework tasks set by teachers at your school.

For more information also see our Getting started with Resources video

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