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How to find and navigate through my classes and favourite classes using the star feature

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As a teacher, you can find the classes you are linked to or have previously been linked to in My Classes. Your shared classes will also appear on this list.

The Active list will show the classes you are currently linked to. You can use the year group filter or the search bar to easily locate a group. Click on Manage class to access a variety of options:

  • Gradebook - View, edit or export the grades for each task for the class

  • Insights - Learn more about the hand-in rates and overall class performance

  • Homework - The list of Homework set in chronological order

  • Student list - The pupils currently in the class

  • Seating (add-on) - Access to the Seating plans for this class

  • Behaviour (add-on) - Access to Behaviour info for this class

For record keeping purposes, you can also access your inactive classes: the groups you were previously associated with in the current academic year. Click on the Inactive tab to access those groups, as well as their Gradebooks and the tasks you've set previously.

Teachers with a large number of classes, especially supervisors and line managers, can easily bookmark the classes they teach by marking them as favourites. To add a class to your favourites, click on the star beside its name. To remove it, click the star again. Favourite classes will appear at the top of the list in My classes and while setting homework:

💡Top tip: Covering a class or want to add a colleague's class to your My Classes for easy access?

Use the search on the top right corner to locate any class within the school. From the next screen, you can mark a class as a favourite by clicking the star beside the class name. These classes will now show up on your list! You can remove them again any time.

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