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Common Questions about Reports
Common Questions about Reports

Answering frequently-asked-questions about Reports

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Satchel One reports.

Q: Am I able to export my reports for record keeping and presentation purposes?

A: Yes, you will certainly be able to export all of our reports as XLS files. As these files are relatively large, your reports will be directly emailed to you.

Q: My report has not yet arrived in my inbox, where is it?

A: Reports which need to be emailed can take some time to arrive. Please double check to ensure that they have not been delivered to your spam folder. If you haven’t received the file within a couple of hours please get in touch and we will help to make sure you get your data!

Q: I would like to monitor and improve user engagement. Which report will help me do this?

A: The User Activity Report will allow you to filter by user type (Student, Parent, or Teacher) to see when the user last logged in, or if they haven’t yet. You can use this report to track user activity and ensure that everyone is getting logged in!

Q: What is the best way for me to see the homework history of an individual student over a date range of my choice?

A: The Parents' Evening Report is a great way to track progress, and to generate a letter detailing a specific students' homework history. Designed to make Parents' Evenings run more smoothly, the report can be generated for entire classes at once, helping to prioritise your time!

Q: I want to monitor how much work is outstanding for a member of my tutor group. Which report will help me do this?

A: Simply generate a Tutors' Report! This will allow you to keep on top of your tutor group's performance, and ensure that their work is being submitted consistently.

Q: I have generated a School Overview Report. What do the numbers and percentages mean?

A: The integer indicates the number of homework tasks set to that year group or by a specific teacher. The percentage values represent the same number as a proportion of the total homework set. 

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