How to use Content in partnership with Collins

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The Content app brings teachers thousands of exceptional and relevant resources for teachers to share with their students. This app is fully integrated with your school's Satchel account which means no separate login!

Accessing and using the resources

To browse the Content resource bank simply select Community Resources from the navigation on the left side of your Satchel account. Then click on the red Collins Content tab on the right side of the page.

We are currently in partnership with Collins who provides us with their wide variety of content for our Content app. There is a large range of books available, which you can filter through using the options on the left hand side. Once you find a book you would like to explore further, simply click on the blue arrow below the book.

Once you select your desired book, you can view the list of chapters within it. Clicking on the title of the chapter will load a new page with topics found in the chapter.

Click on the blue arrow next to a topic name and you will be taken into Collins Connect where you can preview the full resource before choosing to attach it to your homework task.

If you would like to add the the topic to your homework tasks, tick the red box beside the topic name and it will be added to your Resource basket, on the left side of the page. You can add multiple resources to one homework task.  

Any resources you tick will be ready to attach to your homework tasks by clicking Attach content.

You will then to be taken to the Set homework page with the selected content already attached and ready for you. You will now be able to publish your homework task as normal.

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