Student Submissions Report

See how students are performing on their homework by teacher, subject, class, or year

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This is a student-specific report which can be used to track student progress, monitor their submissions and if they are handed in on time. It allows you to access a wide range of useful information and can be filtered by submission status, teacher, subject, class or year group. 

Self-grading work, such as quizzes and spelling tests, will automatically populate the Student Submissions Report with statuses. All other tasks must be graded manually by the teacher in order for their status to appear in the this report.

How do I generate my report? 

To generate your report, simply select Reports from the left-hand side menu followed by View report under Student Submissions. The report will allow you to generate a list of student homework tasks and their submission statuses for any given class, subject, year group or teacher. Use the date picker to adjust the time-scale you're looking at. 

How do I export my results?

Once you have applied any relevant filters, you will then be able to export your results to an XLS file by selecting the green XLS icon in the upper right-hand corner of the report. This ensures that your results can be populated into tables and graphs for record keeping and presentation purposes.

 Top tip: Want a quick overview rather than a full-scale report? Use Insights to view activity and submissions stats for individual students, classes and homework tasks in a click.

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