Behaviour setup

Set up a behaviour policy or create custom reasons and badges for your teachers to use

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As a school administrator, you can customise Behaviour to best suit your school by creating custom badges, custom reasons, and enforcing a behaviour policy by specifying a points value for each reason. 

Customise reasons

Go to Admin > Behaviour > Reasons and Badges to manage existing reasons or to create new ones. 

To begin, choose between the positive and negative reasons tab and click Create reason. You can also delete 🗑️or edit ✏️any existing reasons.

Enter a description for the reason, and optionally specify a fixed number of points (see more details below). Click Create to save your reason.

Please note that you might need to refresh the page to see the newly created reason in your reasons list.

Create a behaviour policy

As a school admin you can set up a default points value for each reason when you create or edit it. This way, when teachers in your school award points for any of the specified reasons, the points will be applied automatically and they will not be able to adjust them. 

However, teachers will still have the option to award Behaviour points without selecting a reason first, in which case they can freely apply the desired number of points. That allows them to award behaviour points for special events or one-off occasions. Read more.

Customise badges

While on the Admin > Behaviour > Reasons and Badges page, navigate to the Badges tab to manage existing badges or to create new ones.

To begin, click Create reason. You can also delete 🗑️or edit ✏️any existing reasons.

Enter a name and description for the badge and select which icon you would like to assign to it. To finish, select either Create badge or Save and add another badge to create multiple.

Click the Activate/Deactivate toggle to choose which of your custom badges appear for the school. Please note that at the moment default badges cannot be disabled.

Behaviour report

If you need to access school-wide Behaviour information, visit  the Reports section and select the Behaviour report

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