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If your school does not have a MIS or is using a system that we do not currently integrate with, you can use the templates below to create or update accounts and classes in bulk.

💡Note: If you use an MIS system compatible with Groupcall Xporter on Demand (XoD), you will not need to follow these steps.

Manual data import process

  1. Please click here to download our templates for (a) teachers, (b) students and (c) classes (Note: the templates contain sample data to help you understand the correct format for each file).

  2. When populating the spreadsheets, please ensure that:
    - there are no empty rows or columns;
    - all students referenced in the Classes file have been included in the Students file;
    - all teachers referenced in the Classes and Students files have been included in the Teachers file.

  3. Send us the updated files and we will make the necessary changes for you.

Filling in the spreadsheets


Fill in this spreadsheet by providing your teachers' personal details (full name, email, salutation) and a unique ID which will also be referenced in the Classes template in order to assign staff to their classes.

For the unique ID, you can use anything from an internal reference number or their initials to their email address. Please keep in mind that the IDs are permanently associated with teachers' accounts, and will be used again when you need to import a new set of classes.


The Students template should be populated in a similar way. Most schools will use the Unique Pupil Numbers (UPNs) to identify students, as this is a UK standard. However, you can use any other ID that you prefer, so long as they are consistent.

Just like with Teacher IDs, the Student UPNs will be referenced in the Classes file to link students to their respective classes and registration groups, and will be used again when you need to import a new set of classes.


This is the largest file of the three that you need to populate. Each class code (or class name) that you would like to import will need to be listed, including rotation classes, beside their year, the main class teacher and the subject.

The class information needs to be repeated as many times as the number of students in the class. Each row will add each individual student to the aforementioned class group. For example, if there are 10 students in a Maths class called 7/Ma1, the data should be displayed like this:

Shared classes

If a class has more than one teachers, simply copy the whole section of rows and change the Teacher ID on the second set. Alternatively, you can choose to add additional staff to classes directly from the platform. Please note that teachers can set homework to any class at the school, even if they are not directly linked to it. This helps cover teachers assign homework to any class they are covering!

Updating information

This process can be followed not only for your school's initial setup but also when you need to make major updates. For example, to import the new intake before the start of a new academic year, or when you've made significant changes to your timetables.

Administrators will also be able to manage users and classes directly on the platform, but the data imports will save you precious time when extensive changes need to be made throughout the year.

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