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Create and view announcements

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Announcements are a quick, easy way to communicate information to students and parents using Show My Homework. You can create announcements for different groups of students to make them aware of the important or useful information. Parents can also see the notifications when they log in.

Create a new announcement 

To add a new announcement, go to Notice BoardAdd new notice. This will open a side-panel.

The notice type is set to Announcement by default. You will then need to fill in the following fields:


Enter the name of your announcement. 

Instructions for your students 

Fill in this field with any information needed for the announcement. You can also insert links in the box.


From the drop down menu select a category for your announcement, e.g. Newsletter, School closure or Non-uniform day.

Send to 

This field is used to select who will be notified for your announcement. From the drop-down menu, you can select either Year Group, Class Group, Registration Group or Whole School and the students and parents of your selected group will be notified.


To attach a file, click on Attach files to make the Upload from my computer button appear. To complete your announcement, simply click Publish.

Viewing Announcements

To view any announcements that have been made, simply click on the Notice board tab on the left-hand panel when you log in. You can use  date picker to move between months.

Announcements appear as blue dots on the Notice board. Events appear as red dots. Click on the dot to read more information about the announcement.

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