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View and set Events or Announcements for your students

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The Notice board allows you to create and view all events and announcements in your school.  Every teacher can set up a new notice for their own groups.

You can access the Notice board from the menu on the left-hand side once you've logged into your account. Here you can find details of all events and announcements posted, as well as the option to create new ones.

Who can create announcements / events?

  • Staff members cannot send notices.

  • Teachers are able to send notices to the classes / reg groups they are linked to, year groups and the whole school

  • Admins can send notices to any class / reg group / year group / whole school

  • Users who are both Teachers and Admin users can message any class / reg group / year group / whole school

    Announcements appear in blue and Events appear in red:

Select Add new notice and fill in the details to create a new event or announcement for students and parents. 

  • Your selected group of users will receive a notification and be able to view the notice on their devices. 

  • You also have the option to make a notice public, which will ensure it can be viewed by logged out users on your school's Satchel One homepage. 

Notices for multiple groups

When choosing a year, registration or class group to send a notice to you will be able to select multiple options at once. This allows you to quickly send an announcement to a set of classes or even combine together years to create notices for an entire Key Stage.

Repeating events

When scheduling an event you have the option to choose whether you want that event to repeat every one or two weeks, great for communicating a regular after school activity.

Staff notices

A new option has been added to allow you to send a notice to all of the teachers and staff members at your school. Staff will receive an email about the notice and it won't be visible to students and parents.

Useful for communicating key dates with Staff such as an INSET day or a regular staff meeting.

Staff can choose how they would like to be notified about these notices through their account preferences.

View notice details

Click on any notice to view more information such as the author of the notice and the group it was sent to. This view also gives you an indication of how many parents and students have opened the notice so far.

Push notifications for notices

Now when you create a notice, students and parents will be notified through the Satchel One mobile app.

As with the email notification, students and parents will have the ability to turn this off through their account preferences.

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