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The app

The Show My Homework app allows teachers to quickly set simple homework tasks on the go. To download the app on your Android device, visit Google Play store or click the link below.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to search for your school to start the login process. The best way to do this is by using the school's postcode. Then you will be able to log in using your usual details you use to access the website.


By default, you will be brought to your Dashboard. To navigate to other areas in the app, tap the button.  You will see six main sections:

  • Set Homework: Create homework tasks from here

  • Dashboard: An overview of your upcoming and past assigned homework tasks. You will also be able to click the green to go to the Set homework screen quickly.

  • Classes: Split into 3 categories: classes you teach, those you've marked as favourite, and every other class

  • Notifications: View all notifications such as new comments and submissions

  • Notice board: Keep up to date with all school announcements and event reminders for this week, next week, and this month

  • Support: From here you can access your personal details, adjust your notification settings, link your calendar, and find links on how to contact us.

You can also log out from the bottom of the menu.

Set Homework

You can set a homework assignment on the app just like you would on the browser. Fill out the fields as usual, add any attachments or web links, and click Create in the top right-hand corner.

Mark homework

To mark an assignment on the app, tap the name of the homework task. Then you can select an individual or multiple students and use the bottom three buttons to add a submission status, leave a comment for your student, or apply a grade. Once confirmed, students will be notified of these as usual.


If your school has subscribed to our Kudos app, you will be able to award points and badges directly from our app. Kudos can be opened by selecting the 'Kudos' tile on the navigation menu.

Find students by first selecting a class. Classes are organised into three types:

  • My classes - The classes you are associated with.

  • Favourites - Your starred classes.

  • All Classes - All classes at your school.

You can also tap the magnifying glass to search for a class by name.

Viewing a student's points and badges

After tapping on a student will open the student's profile. Here you can see their current Kudos points, view a breakdown of their previous badges & points and find this student's position in the class leader board.

If you want to award Kudos to this particular student you can use the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Award Points & Badges to multiple students

It is possible to award multiple students Kudos through the Give Kudos menu.

To launch the Give Kudos menu, either tap on the green Give Kudos icon at the bottom of the screen or long-press on one of the students you want to select.

From that screen, you can tap students to add/remove them from your current selection. If you want to award Kudos to the whole class tap Select all.

Once you've selected your students, you can use the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to choose the type of Kudos you wish to award.

Quickly view student's points

If you want to quickly check how many points each student in the class has, you can use the points toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Common questions

Can I create differentiated homework, quizzes, and spelling tests from the teacher app?

Not just yet. To access these features on the go, simply log in to your account via your phone's or tablet's browser to use our mobile site

Can I set homework to multiple classes at one time or reuse my tasks?

Unfortunately, these two features are not currently supported in the app and need to be performed from the site.

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