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Homework Frequency Report

See the quality and frequency of homework set at your school by year group, class, subject or teacher

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The Homework Frequency Report enables you to observe trends in the quantity of homework set week by week. The date picker means that you can look at different periods of time across the calendar. 

You can monitor the frequency of homework set to a category as broad as the entire year or as specific as a single teacher's classes.

How do I generate my report?

To generate your report, click the Reports tab from the left-hand side menu and select View report under Homework Frequency. You will be provided with a table chart which displays the homework tasks set for the school each and every week within the time period selected.

What does the report indicate?

The dates across the top of the report indicates each week commencing date of the time period you are viewing. Down the left-hand side, you will see each existing teacher name.

The numbers indicate the exact amount of tasks set by that teacher during that week, according to the applied filters. You will also find a Total column on the far right-hand side of the table which indicates the total number of tasks set by that specific teacher during this time period.

 Top tip: Use the top-right toggle to hide any empty homework rows.

How do I export my results?

Once you have applied the relevant filters across the top, you can then export the results to a  PDF or  XLS file. This ensures that your results can be populated into tables and graphs for record-keeping and presentation purposes.

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