The Parents' Evening report generates an overview of a student's homework history. This report includes the homework title, issue date, due date, duration time to complete the homework, submission status and the grade received.

How do I generate my report? 

To generate your report, click the 'reports' tab from your task bar and then click Parents' Evening report from the menu, then View details. Here, you can combine as many of the available filters as you wish to generate your report. Additionally, you can tailor individual student reports to include a submission status, grades column and comment box for the cover page.

How do I download my Parents Evening Letters?

Once you have applied any relevant filters, you can click the blue Get Letters button, which will send your reports straight over to the email address linked to your Show My Homework account. 

The Emailed Report

The report is emailed in a PDF format and contains two pages.The first page that is the cover page can be used for you to note your own comments. The second page shows a review of individual students homework set over your chosen date range. Any additional filters you have applied will also show in the report.

You can download and print the PDF reports from your email to use them during your Parents' Evening.

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