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Whether you are a new starter at the school or you have forgotten your login details, you can follow these steps to reset your password.

  1. On the login page or the app, go to "Forgot password?

  2. Enter your school email address and click Reset password

  3. Check your email and follow the instructions we sent you

  4. Choose a password for your account, type it twice, and click on Change password.

💡Your password must include at least 10 characters, a digit, a lower case, an uppercase letter and a special character.

Common questions

Q: My email address was not recognised. What should I do?

If your school email address wasn’t recognised, this means we don’t have your address on file just yet. Here’s what you can do:

  • Do you have alternative school email addresses, or perhaps a personal email? Please try that too!

  • Get in touch with your school’s Satchel One administrators. They will be able to help.

Q. I'm unable to to reset my password, I'm seeing an error.

"Password reset not available, please use the same login details as you do for other school services, or get in touch with your school administrator."

If you are seeing the message above, your school has disabled the Satchel One logins and enabled the school's default login method instead. Here's what you can do:

  • Try logging in with your usual school username and password. These can be the same as the details you use to unlock your school computer.

  • If your school typically accesses other services using Office 365, Google or RM Unify, please make sure to click the relevant option and enter your email and password.

    You will find these options on both the website and our mobile apps:

Still having trouble logging in? 

Please contact the school's IT team for further assistance. For privacy reasons, we are unable to provide new login details.

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