In the event that you aren't able to access your account, you can still check your homework by going to the School calendar. Viewing the School calendar does not require a log in. 

To locate your School calendar, visit our search page and type in the name or postcode of your school and simply select the correct school from the results.

How to use the School calendar

Locating Homework

The default School calendar loads without any homework displayed. From here, you can apply filters relating to date, teacher, subject, class, year group, and type of homework task in order to locate your specific homework. Alternatively, you can browse all the homework set throughout the entire school by clicking Show All

If you need to locate homework issued or due on a date before or after the current week, please click on the arrows to navigate to another week. You can also use the date picker to locate homework from a specific date. Press Today to return to the current week. 

Homework Boxes

Homework assignments display as a single coloured box on the day it is issued and and again as a grey box with a coloured outline on the day it is due. The numbers in the top right-hand corner of the homework box refer to the number of days left before the due date of the task. The colours correspond to the type of task your need to complete:

Click on a homework box to read more about the homework task and to download any unlocked attachments. If you need to print the homework, click Action and then select Print homework. This will download a PDF of the homework that you can save or print out.

Please note that you will not be able to submit work online or take any quizzes or spelling tests from the public School calendar. You will need to log in to a student account to complete these homework tasks

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