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Getting an error when trying to log in or link your account to another child?

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If you see an error message about your email being already taken it means there already exists a Satchel One account with that email address on file. 

Why does this happen?

You may already have an account set up with us. Alternatively, your email address could be registered to your child's student account. 

What can you do to resolve this? 

  1. If you already have an account set up, you can reset your password.

  2. If your email is registered to your child's account, they can update the email address on their account by using a recovery PIN to reset their login details. Once the email has been freed up, you can continue creating your Satchel One account. 

If you continue to experience difficulties creating or accessing your account, please get in touch with the school who will be able to further assist.

💡 Top tip: If you are an Admin at the school and you receive this error while trying to apply changes to a student's account, please ensure that the email address is not taken on their parent's account. Accordingly, if you receive the error for a parent, please have a look at their student's account. 

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