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If your school subscribes to our Behaviour app, you can track the positive and negative points, as well as badges awarded to students. You can also monitor the Behaviour points and badges distribution per teacher to ensure adherence to your school's Behaviour policy and see a full log of all the behaviour events at your school.

To see how Behaviour Points and badges are being awarded in your school, go to Reports > Behaviour report.


By default, the Behaviour report displays the combined positive and negative points issued in the last week for the whole school.

After selecting your filters, you can easily see which students have received the most points. Use the filters to select whether you would like to see the total Combined points, or filter for Positive or Negative points only. 


Ensure your teachers are following your school's behaviour policy by monitoring the number of positive/negative points and badges. You can multi-select teachers to create a report for each department.


To see the full list of the Behaviour-related events at your school, visit the Events tab. Here you will find an event log with the important details, such as the date, reason and students involved, as well as the current status for the incident. 

Exporting and scheduling

The report can be exported in a spreadsheet format using the green XLS button. It can also be scheduled to regularly arrive in your inbox. Simply click the Schedule this report button on the top right of the page. From here, you can choose a name for the report, how often you want to receive it, the time-span of the data and if it should be sent to anyone else. Once the report is saved, you will receive an email on the next scheduled day.

💡Top tip: If you’d like to send the report to more than one email address, please ensure each email entered into the relevant box is separated by a comma and a new line.

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