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My child's homework

How to view your child's homework from your parent account

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Satchel One makes it easy for you to track and monitor your children's homework. Log in to your account to get started!


From your Dashboard, you will be able to see any student accounts linked to you. Each child will have their own Calendar, Homework, Gradebook, and Notice board pages for you to view. Their last activity on the site will also be displayed, as well as their Recovery PIN numbers, which they can use to get logged in. 


To check your child's homework, click on the Calendar tab. This will arrange their work in a week by week format. You can filter the calendar by date, teacher, subject, class, year group, and type of homework task to find what you are looking for more efficiently.


You can also review homework as a list by clicking Homework from the menu under the student whose To-do list you wish to view. On this page, homework is sorted into two tabs: Recent and Upcoming. In the Recent tab, tasks with the nearest due dates will be displayed. You can also tick Only show overdue homework on the Recent tab to see any overdue homework. In the Upcoming tab, homework which is due further in the future will appear. 

If your child has submitted the homework the task will display as Submitted and any graded homework will display a score. To search for a specific assignment, use the search box and click on the corresponding title to view details of the assignment.


The Gradebook helps you keep track of your child's grades and homework task submissions. 

Notice board

The notice board is where your child's school will post important announcements or upcoming events

Recovery PIN

If your child is having trouble getting logged into their account, you can always give them their Recovery PIN which they can use here to reset their login information.

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