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Unsupported phone? Access Satchel One on a mobile browser!

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Supported operating systems:

  • iOS 13 or above (compatible iPhone and iPad models)

  • Android 5.0 9 "Lollipop" or above (eg. Samsung Galaxy S4 or later)

As of August 2021, we have decided to end support for users running iOS 12 and older.

Our focus is to always provide the best stability, privacy, and security possible. Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue supporting significantly older operating systems that are no longer compatible with the latest security updates from their manufacturers.

If you are currently using a device with iOS 12, the Satchel One app you currently have installed will continue to work as intended at this time. However, users using these operating systems will no longer receive updates from the app store. Any new functionality we introduce cannot be made available for older versions of the app so staying up-to-date, when possible, is the best way to continue to enjoy our features through the app.

If possible, we suggest updating your device to iOS 12 and Android 5.0 Lollipop respectively. You can find instructions for updating your operating system below.

Do not worry though, if you cannot install a newer Android or iOS version or if you are using a mobile device that is not compatible (e.g. Windows phones), then you can use your mobile browser to access Satchel One on your phone. We recommend using Safari or Chrome.

💡 Mobile browsing: While on your phone or tablet, simply visit our login page and enter your details to access your account in your mobile browser.

From viewing and completing homework online to creating quizzes and spelling tests, visiting the Satchel One website from your mobile browser will help make sure you get everything done on the go.

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