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Each school can enable their own personalised homepage to use as a starting point instead of our main Login page.

Students and parents can visit this page to view any public notices (announcements or events) or access the website using a login screen tailored to your school. 

Unlike the main Satchel One login page, your personal school homepage will only include the login options applicable to your school for students and staff.

This is what it would look like for schools using PINs:

And for those using Single Sign-on methods:

💡Top tip: Interested in setting up a Single Sign-on integration? Read more.

We highly recommend keeping this feature enabled as it will simplify the login experience for staff and students, whilst everyone can benefit from accessing any announcements and school events that are made public without logging in. 

You don't need to make any changes! For example, if currently you have a link to your public calendar on your school website: 

  • Students and parents follow the link to access your school's calendar

  • Click on the Login button

  • They are taken to the homepage where they can log in using the relevant option

However, if you decide to disable this feature, you can do so through your Personalise settings in the Admin menu:

If you do not wish for staff's surnames to be displayed on your public page you can toggle on 'Staff codes on public pages'. If you do not see any changes to your public pages it may because we are able to import staff codes from your school's MIS.

To update your public contact information, school logo and prospectus, simply expand the School details menu on the same page. 

💡Top tip: Apply your own branding and customise the appearance of the platform. Customise theme.

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