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Create Detention types and manage reasons for Detentions.

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As a school administrator, you can create and manage Detention types as well as add Reasons for getting detentions. If you already have our Behaviour app there is no need to create new reasons; they will be copied across from our Behaviour app.

Create and Manage Detention Types

Manually Manage Detention Types in Satchel One

Go to Admin > Detentions > Detention types to create new Detention types or manage existing ones. 

To begin, click the green button Create new detention type at the top.

You will be required to enter a Title and a Duration.

The rest of the form is optional and includes Assign staff, Frequency and Notice and Notes.

'Assign staff' allows you to assign a cover teacher for a particular Detention type, whilst with Frequency you can decide to make the Detention type a repeatable event. You can also choose to stop teachers from setting a detention with too little notice; to do that simply tick Notice and select the appropriate number of hours. Notes are limited to 200 characters.

When you are finished adding all information for your Detention type click Create to save it. If you need to amend a Detention type or delete it you can use 🗑️or ✏️ at the bottom of the card. 

💡Top tip: Once you have decided on a frequency and a day of the week, teachers will not be able to select an incorrect date when setting a detention.

Managing Detention Types with MIS Writeback

If you are using our premium Detentions Writeback feature, Detention Types will instead be automatically imported from your MIS and will appear in Satchel One. You will not be able to edit or delete these within Satchel; to make any changes please adjust the data in your MIS and wait for the updated details to sync across to Satchel.

In order for a Detention Type to be imported from your MIS to Satchel One, it must contain at least a start date and a start time; all other information can be filled out within Satchel One when staff are setting the Detention.

Add and Manage Detention Reasons 

Go to Admin > Detentions > Detention reasons to create new Detention reasons or manage existing ones. 

You can add a reason by clicking Create detention reason, edit it by clicking ✏️ or delete it by clicking the 🗑️icon.  

💡 Note re: MIS Integrations: If you have our Behaviour feature enabled without any MIS integration, you will see your Behaviour reasons in the table for Detention reasons. You will be able to manage them from both Detentions and Behaviour.

If you do integrate with your MIS then reasons will have to be managed through your MIS.  

Please note, students and parents will only be able to see detentions using the mobile app. This new feature is available on the web page only for Teachers and Admins. 

Detentions Report

If you need to access school-wide Detentions information, visit the Reports section and select the Detentions report.

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