Supporting school closures 

We’ve had a number of enquiries surrounding the use of our software to help minimise any disruption to learning that may occur as a result of school closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

How to assist users with logins remotely

Whether you want to invite new users or help existing users with their forgotten passwords, you have many options for doing so remotely. 

Have a look at our extensive guide here.

Recent releases for Distance Learning

  • Increased the maximum file size for attachments to 100mb
  • Made online submissions the default method
  • Easily find timetables for colleagues and students
  • Send password links en-mass, to support schools with password management remotely
  • Clear read notifications to stay on top of important messages. Added filtering options and an increased number of notifications per page
  • Allow teachers to add attachments to comments and return annotated work
  • Improved homework Insights to easily allow teachers to send a message to students who have not viewed a task

Our infrastructure

At Satchel, we’re committed to helping our schools through this period and wanted to reassure you that; 

  • Our system is built to deal with increased traffic as necessary
  • Our infrastructure will automatically scale to support a larger than expected number of requests
  • This academic year we have maintained 99.98% uptime of our system and we will ensure we can maintain this level through this academic year regardless of increased usage by schools
  • We regularly go through spikes of extremely high traffic during busy periods and are equipped to deal with this
  • Although this is an automated process, we also have monitoring systems in place to alert our engineering team. 

Our offer to schools

We understand that this period of uncertainty is scary and we want to minimise the stress families and schools are experiencing by helping ensure all schools have a system that supports distance learning. 

We are offering any school who doesn’t already use Satchel One an extended evaluation period of 3 months. There’s no upfront payment needed, no obligation to continue using the software after this period, and we’ll set you up as quickly as possible. 

Feel free to share this offer with any schools who are in need, and to get in touch, please email

Collins offer to schools 

Our partners at Collins have kindly offered 3 months for free on top of any Content licence on Satchel One. This means, if you opt for a 12 month licence, you can enjoy this for 15 months, and payment is only required after the first 3 months to help with this difficult time. To find out more, please email

Content for our users

We have created guides for you to use which cover some of the ways Satchel One can be used to support distance learning, including how to check that students have seen classwork, making the most of Community Resources in the event of staff sickness, and providing feedback online to ensure that learning can continue at the same pace. 

Teachers using Show My Homework to support distance learning
Students using Show My Homework to support in distance learning
Parents using Show My Homework to support distance learning

Read more here:

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