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How to assist users with login details remotely
How to assist users with login details remotely

Best practices for issuing PINs, parent codes and password reset emails

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We have received a few enquiries about the best ways to distribute new login information or issue password resets remotely. We have put together a guide for you with various options so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

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Send password links via email en masse

In just a couple of steps, an admin can send password links to all students. This works for both first-time users and those that need to recover their passwords. 

  • Go to Admin > Manage users

  • Tick the checkbox to select all users on this page

  • Select all users by clicking on the banner

  • Click Actions > Send password link

You can do the same for teachers, staff members, and the parents who have already registered with us. 

💡Top tip: Missing student or teacher emails? Click the Update emails button to fill them in.

Create a mail merge

Export the details of the users that need access and use a 3rd party tool to do a mail merge. 

To export the details

  • Go to Admin > Login details

  • Click on the School card to include all year groups

  • Select Mail merge and Generate your file

To send information

  • You can  choose to import the parent codes in your MIS.
    This can be stored as an aspect that can be imported via CSV. Our mail merge file contains student UPNs which can be used to safely identify students. Here is a guide for SIMS

  • Alternatively, you can use Word or a similar product to do a mail merge.
    As parent information are not imported through your MIS, you can either send the parent details to students or combine our file with your parent information.

    You will need to use our mail merge sheet as well as an export from your MIS with parent details and their students' UPN. Using a vlookup, you can combine the two to create your recipient list. Here's a step by step guide.

How can users register or recover their accounts?

All users can recover their passwords by click on "Forgot password". If Single sign-on has been enabled for your schools, they will see a relevant message encouraging them to use their school credentials. 

Students can view parent codes

A student who have access to their account can invite their parents to register. Log into a computer and go to Account settings to view the parent code.

Parents can view student PINs

Parents are able to view their student's PIN and help them recover their account. 

Open the Satchel One app on your phone or tablet and from the Menu go to Settings > Student management. You will be able to see the student PIN which they can use to reset their details. 

The PIN is also visible on the website, right on your dashboard.

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