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Sync your MIS data to Satchel One through Groupcall's Xporter on Demand

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Satchel rely on Groupcall’s data extraction utility, Xporter on Demand, to populate our platform with the required information. 

Groupcall support all major UK MIS and the list is regularly updated. Any system compatible with XoD can benefit from an MIS sync with Satchel One. An XoD account will be required to complete your setup. The utility is designed to be easy to install for schools under a self-service model and they can request support directly from Groupcall if required.

Once this tool has been set up for use with Satchel One, data will be extracted from your MIS and transferred to our system. Most data imports are set to run between 12-3am every night (Mon-Sun). Bold-on apps, such as Timetables or Behaviour, rely on additional imports up to 4 times a day to ensure data is kept up-to-date.

The data is stored in accordance with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. Read more about Satchel and GDPR compliance.

If your MIS is not supported by XoD yet, you can opt in for manual data imports instead.

Changing your MIS?

Please note, we do charge a fee in order to perform an MIS switchover for a school. Should you need to change your MIS, please reach out to our technical team so they can begin the work needed to make this transfer.

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