One of the benefits of using Satchel One is that the homework calendar can be accessed without logging in. This is a great back up plan for students who may have forgotten their log in details. However, it also means that task details are publicly available. 

We have made sure to give you the controls you need to keep important information private.

To learn more about the public School Calendar, please click here.

Locking homework attachments

If the files should not be visible to the public, teachers should use the 🔒padlock to make the files only accessible by logged in users. 

For example, the teacher may have purchased an online book which they have permission to share with their students but do not have the license to distribute publicly on the internet. 

Replace teacher names with staff codes

If you do not wish for staff's surnames to be displayed on your public page you can toggle on 'Staff codes on public pages'

Go to Admin > Personalise and expand the Public pages section to enable this setting.

💡Top tip: If you do not see any changes to your public pages it may because we are able to import staff codes from your school's MIS.

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