What is Classwork?

Classwork is a new task type introduced to Satchel One's homework app, Show My Homework.

We created Classwork to help support you with distance learning. It can be used to bridge the gap between delivering a lesson and setting homework. By giving it a new colour, students can easily distinguish it from regular homework tasks.

You will be able to create Classwork through the set homework menu:

When should I use Classwork:

With Classwork you can organise work that students would typically do in class. Here is just a few examples:

  • Recorded video lessons
  • Video conferencing links for live lessons
  • Lesson presentations and teaching objectives
  • Resources and worksheets you planned to complete in class

Just like with any other task type you will be asked to provide a description, and you can add attachments and web links. By default, issue date and due date are the same. If you change the issue date the due date will automatically be moved to the same date however you can always change it.

What will my students see?

Students will be able to see Classwork along with their other work in their To-do list:

They will also see it on their own calendar as well as the school's calendar:

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