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Quickly identify misunderstandings and address knowledge gaps

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On Satchel One the new quiz comprehension tab allows you to quickly assess student performance by highlighting the areas where your students have struggled.

Understanding the question breakdown

The top level the quiz question breakdown lists each question within your quiz and calculates the percentage of students that got each question incorrect.

When you open the page the list is ordered so the questions that your students performed the worst on are at the top. You can alter the sorting method by using the sort icons in the table's header.

You can click on a question row to view all of the answers available for that question. The βœ… identifies the question's correct answer and the percentage next to each question tells you what proportion of the class that has taken the test chose an answer.

The view link next to each answer will show you a list of all the students that chose a particular answer. From this list you can click the message button to go to the assess screen where you can quickly send a comment to these students.

πŸ’‘Top tip: Use the view link to quickly award behaviour points to all the students that got a particularly tough question correct!

Best Attempt vs First Attempt

The question breakdown allows you to see data from your students first attempt or their best attempt.

The first attempt view allows you to understand where students had issues when they first encountered the question. The best attempt view shows you where students were still unable to identify the correct answer after multiple attempts of your quiz.

Follow up to address misunderstandings

Using the message link at the end of each row you can view the students that got each question incorrect and send them a comment. This is a great way to quickly share further content to specific students to assist them in overcoming their initial misunderstanding.

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