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Using Timetables as a teacher
Using Timetables as a teacher

See your schedule, locate colleagues and students, use key shortcuts for any app.

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Our Timetable app allows you to view your schedule on the go and gives you access to an array of Satchel One features.

On your dashboard, today's agenda helps you stay on top of your day. The current lesson will always be highlighted, and you can scroll up or down to view previous and next lessons for the day.

Each lesson allows you to perform quick actions for a specific class by automatically filling in the class details. In a single click you can:

  • Set homework to this group

  • View its seating plans or create a new one

  • Give behaviour points to the students of the class

  • Give a detention

  • Create a notice

  • View or take attendance

To view your full schedule, click View full timetable at the top right of the agenda, or by clicking Timetable on the menu from anywhere on the site.

From this page, you can not only see the current week but also browser previous weeks and view schedule for up to 4 weeks in advance. School events and holidays will also be displayed here.

You can also easily check in on a colleague’s schedule by using this drop down menu and typing in or searching for their name. You can do the same thing for any student.

Click on any lesson to access the same quick actions as with the agenda and view more details about the lesson:

  • Insert video conferencing links to support remote learning

  • Communicate homework deadlines by linking the tasks you create to lessons [Due label]

  • Keep track of the work you've assigned [Set label]

Using the Set homework quick action will pre-populate the class, subject, issue date and lesson time for your task. Next, pick the desired due date and the right lesson for this class will be set automatically.

Lesson details are optional so, if you wish to, you can edit or remove the information.

Once you’ve published the work, you’ll notice that ‘set’ and ‘due’ labels have been added to the relevant lessons' timetable cards. Now, when you click on the timetabled lesson, you will see the task that is linked to it shown below.

“Set” labels help teachers stay on top of their work. “Due” labels are visible to teachers, students and parents so that everyone can always be aware of associated tasks and plan for the days ahead.

💡 Top tip: Students and parents will not be able to see this task until the allocated time.

Similarly, you can use the rest of the actions to easily set notices (announcements or events), view or create new seating plans, award or deduct points, issue a detention or take attendance.

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