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Quickly share your published tasks to Classroom or Microsoft Teams

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When you have published a task and are directed to it's description tab, you will see options to 'Share to Classroom' and 'Share to Microsoft Teams'. These allow you to quickly duplicate your tasks to other homework platforms you may be using.

Share to Classroom

Click 'Share to Classroom' which will launch a new window.

You may be required to sign into your Classroom account if you haven't done so already.

Choose the class you'd like share this task to using the 'Choose class' drop down list.

When you've made your selection, press 'Go'.

Once you've chosen your class, you should see your Satchel One task data prepopulated in the Classroom fields.

Please note that although attachments are not currently included in the 'Instructions' area, all tasks include a link to the Satchel One task at the bottom of the instructions where attachments can be accessed.

Fill out the remaining fields on the right of your page such as intended recipients, any points, your chosen due date if required and a topic.

Click the arrow next to the 'Assign' button at the top right to see options to:

  • Assign to students

  • Schedule for a future date

  • Save draft

  • Discard draft

When you're happy with the content you've added, click the 'Assign' button to share this task to your Classroom.

You will then see a confirmation message and an option to view the task you've shared. Clicking 'View' will shortcut you to this task where you can choose to edit / manage your task within Classroom.

Share to Microsoft Teams

Click 'Share to Microsoft Teams' which will launch a new window.

You will be offered two choices:

1. Share to a channel

Sharing to a channel will simply copy across a link to your Satchel One task which you can send to a Team or Channel of your choosing by typing in the 'Share to' field. You can, of course, choose to add more information in the 'Say something about this' area if you'd like to.

2. Create an assignment

Creating an assignment will prepopulate the 'Title' and 'Instructions' fields with details from your Satchel One task. At the bottom of the assignment, there will also be a prepopulated link so that students can visit the original task and access any attachments etc.

You will then be required to use the 'Assign to' field to select appropriate groups, as well as scrolling down to add additional information such as any point values and a due date / time.

When you're happy with the content you've added, click the 'Assign' button to share this task to your students.

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