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Create Attendance groups in Satchel One

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As an Admin user, you can create and customise tailored Attendance groups for your school.

Create your Attendance Groups

Go to Admin on your navigation panel, then choose Attendance.

You'll be prompted to create Attendance groups; you can choose to have three, four or five groups and can make your selection using the drop down menu provided. When you've chosen, click Create groups.

Once you've chosen your number of groups, you will see some suggested groups given to you, each with it's own colour code.

You can change any of the percentages in each group to match your preferred ratings.

Personalise these groups however you like; when you're done, your groups will be autosaved and you'll then be able to utilise the Attendance group filters around the site!

If you change your mind you can click the red 'Delete' button at the top right and create new groups.

Where can I use these Attendance groups?

Once you've created your Attendance groups, you will be able to use them as an additional filter in the Attendance Report.

If you use Attendance Pro, you will also be able to see Attendance group indicators beside each student and an Attendance group filter on the Student tab of the Attendance area.

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