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Satchel One and Microsoft integrations
Satchel One and Microsoft integrations

How to best use our platform alongside Microsoft Office 365, One Drive and Teams

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There are various ways in which Satchel One can be used alongside Microsoft Office to create a robust and efficient workflow for both staff and students.

Microsoft Teams Import

Every assignment you create in Microsoft Teams can be instantly imported into Satchel One and surfaced for staff, students and parents. This allows staff to benefit from helpful insights and school wide reporting features for the tasks that are imported.

Enable the integration

A school administrator can enable the integration and consent to Satchel One syncing with Teams.

Once this step has been completed, Satchel One will sync your Teams and Microsoft users with the accounts and groups in Satchel One.

How is the data matched?

Users are matched based on their emails so please make sure to use the same address on both platforms.

💡 Top tip: Go to Manage users and sorting by the Teams column to see which accounts have been matched.

Groups and Teams are matched by name, although some extras are taken into account:

  • Class codes can contain either a slash or dash, i.e. 10C/Pb1 or 10C-Pb1

  • The current academic year can be added as a prefix or a suffix to the code, i.e. "2022 - 10C/Pb1" or "10C/Pb1 - 2022"

💡 Top tip: Go to Manage classes and sort by the Teams column to see which groups have been matched.

New imports are run every hour so any changes you make in MS Teams may take up to 1 hour to appear in Satchel One.

Syncing assignments

Once permissions have been granted, any work that you publish on Teams will automatically be imported as an assignment on Satchel One for the matching class.

💡 Top tip: Want to exclude a Teams assignment from syncing across? Click "Add category" below the title and type "Exclude Satchel One"

When students submit work, you will see the Status change in Satchel One accordingly: submitted or submitted late.

You can then proceed to grade their work in Teams as you normally would. Your comments and points (mark out of 100) will be synced back into Satchel One as well. This means students will receive notifications for your grades via the Satchel One app as well!

💡 Top tip: Grades and feedback are only imported once they've been "Returned" to the students in MS Teams.

Share a task to Microsoft Teams

When you have published a task in Satchel One and are directed to its description tab, you will see options to 'Share to Classroom' and 'Share to Microsoft Teams'. These allow you to quickly duplicate your tasks to other homework platforms you may be using.

Click 'Share to Microsoft Teams' which will launch a new window.

You will be offered two choices:

1. Share to a channel

Sharing to a channel will simply copy across a link to your Satchel One task which you can send to a Team or Channel of your choosing by typing in the 'Share to' field. You can, of course, choose to add more information in the 'Say something about this' area if you'd like to.

2. Create an assignment

Creating an assignment will prepopulate the 'Title' and 'Instructions' fields with details from your Satchel One task. At the bottom of the assignment, there will also be a prepopulated link so that students can visit the original task and access any attachments etc.

You will then be required to use the 'Assign to' field to select appropriate groups, as well as scrolling down to add additional information such as any point values and a due date / time.

When you're happy with the content you've added, click the 'Assign' button to share this task to your students.

Default submission method via Microsoft Teams

Admin users can manage the submission methods that are available to staff in the 'How should students submit this task?' menu by going to Admin > Settings > Submission Methods.

As well as being able to create new methods, Admin users can also select a preferred method which will be the school-wide default whenever a new Assignment / Classwork is made.

Simply find the preferred submission method and toggle the switch in the 'Default' column.

This is a great way to ask students to submit on Microsoft Teams instead of Satchel One!

Staff can manually adjust their preferred submission method at any time.

Log in with Office 365 SSO

No need to create additional passwords for Satchel One. Students and Staff can log in using their Office 365 email and password with the click of a button. Find out more.

Add Teams live lesson links to Timetable

If you go to your Timetable and click on any scheduled lesson, you’ll see the option to enter a link; this allows you to paste in a Teams meeting URL which will be instantly shared with your class participants on their own timetables.

It’s the easiest way to ensure that video conferencing links are delivered to your students quickly and securely.

Attach files from OneDrive

When creating a task, staff can link attachments directly from their OneDrive using the 'Add Attachments' area. You can either upload the file or copy and paste the shareable link in the weblinks area.

You can choose your own permission settings on the OneDrive document to ensure that it's personalised to your needs.

Search for any file, including any that have been shared with you, e.g. by a colleague:

Once you've attached your document(s), you can see the option for you to either open them in OneDrive, or download it to your computer. Optionally, you can lock each file so that only logged-in users are able to access it.

Sharing a file via OneDrive allows students to 'Save a copy' of your original document and use it as a framework on which to build their own submission.

Adding attachments from OneDrive gives you the benefit of being able to edit the document to ensure that it's up to date and accurate for the readers.

Students submissions from OneDrive

If you've asked students to submit their work online via SMHW, they will be offered the option to attach from a range of locations, including OneDrive.

This allows them to share a link to their live document straight back to you quickly and easily. This way you will be able to provide detailed feedback by adding comments, suggestions or annotations directly on their document for some instant feedback!

Marking OneDrive Docs

When students submit their OneDrive doc to you, you can go to the 'Assess' page of the relevant task and click 'Open in OneDrive' rather than choosing to download it. This allows you to give instant feedback to your students without needing to download their document, manually edit it and then reupload it to them. So easy!

Simply click 'Open in OneDrive' as seen in the image below to access the shared document:

💡 Top tip: Are you not able to access the file? Ask students to check the file permissions.

You can then mark the tasks as normal by adding comments, making 'suggestions' or by simply adding to the document wherever you see fit. You might wish to do this in 'Reviewing' mode.

Students will be notified about any changes to their document according to their OneDrive document preferences, but you can always send students a comment within Satchel One to draw their attention towards any particularly important points.

Continue to adjust submission statuses and grades within Satchel One as normal.

Show tasks in your Outlook calendar

By going to your Account Settings on Satchel One, you can click on the ‘iCal’ option and add your homework details and deadlines to your Outlook calendar.

Copy the URL provided and then from your Outlook calendar; click 'Open Calendar' and choose 'From Internet'.

Paste the URL into the field and press 'OK'.

Your task deadlines will now be visible on your Outlook calendar.




As an Admin, if I switch off the toggle in Admin > Settings > Integrations > Microsoft Teams, what does this do?

Deactivating this toggle will stop the Teams integration for your school. To re-establish this, please click 'Consent' again using your Admin account so that Satchel can start to rematch your users / classes.

If I set an assignment in Teams and select individual students within a class to receive it, will the task be received by only those students in Satchel One when imported?

Yes, selecting individual students within a class on Teams will be reflected in Satchel One also.

If I rename my class on Teams and the group names no longer match on both platforms, tasks will no longer import. If I rematch the class names again, will it automatically re-establish the import link?

Yes! We check regularly for class matches, so this will automatically update for you.

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