What is the School Calendar?

Satchel One has a public school calendar feature which is there to act as a back up for any users who can not access their personal accounts; it is one of the key reasons schools can run a "no excuses" policy with our software as they can always be assured that students can find their homework.

This public calendar allows non-logged in users to view read-only versions of tasks that have been set to class groups across the school.

Personal information should not be shared on tasks set by the school and teachers should be working to the guidelines set out in the schools GDPR policy.

To help with this, all users are also requested to confirm that they understand that all tasks are published publicly via an in product pop up that happens when you first use a tool (before you can set your first assignment).

Manage privacy when using the school calendar.

How do I access the School Calendar?

You can click on 'Calendar' on your web browser navigation panel and then select the 'School Calendar' tab.

You can then click 'show all' to see all tasks set across the school, or use the filters above to refine the tasks you'd like to see.

For non-logged in users, you can visit www.teamsatchel.com and click on the 'Search for your school' option. Simply type in the name of your school to access the public calendar!

Many schools also have a direct link to their public school calendar on their website.

How does the School Calendar work?

The School Calendar shows all current and past tasks that have been set across the school in boxes.

There are a range of filters at the top of the calendar that you can use to narrow down tasks based on:

  • Year group

  • Task type

  • Subject

  • Teacher

  • Class

You can use multiple filters in conjunction with one another to help find tasks you're looking for.

Beneath these filters, you can also find a date picker and directional arrows which allow you to travel back and forth through previous weeks to see historical tasks.

Please find below a description of the different features of the school calendar:

Brightly coloured boxes -
These boxes indicate currently active tasks on the date that they were issued.
The colours represent different types of tasks including assignments, differentiated tasks, quizzes etc.
You can click 'Homework key' on the top right corner of your calendar to help you get to grips with different task colours.

Counters in the corners of boxes -
If you see a black circle with a number inside on the corner of an active task box, this is a live countdown indicating how many days are left until the due date of this task.
If you see a box without a counter on it, this means that the due date is today.

Faded coloured boxes -
These boxes indicate tasks that were previously active and issued on this date that have now passed their due date.

Grey boxes with a coloured outline (seen on future dates) -
These boxes indicate the approaching due date of active tasks; for every coloured task box showing the issue date of a task, there is a corresponding grey box showing this tasks due date.

Faded grey boxes with a coloured outline -
These boxes indicate past due dates of tasks that are no longer active.

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