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Create your behaviour policy to customise staff notifications for your incidents

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The Satchel One 'Behaviour Policy' area allows you to set up alerts that will be triggered to specific staff roles when a Referred incident of a certain type is recorded.

You can access this by going to Admin > Behaviour > and choosing ‘Behaviour Policy’.

This means that you could create various alerts for incidents of different severity and ensure that the right colleagues are always kept informed.

Click ‘Create alert’ and choose what you’d like to name this alert.

Next, choose any Behaviour reasons that you’d like to trigger this alert.

When you’ve made your selections, specify the staff that should be notified, based on their role, when a behavioural event of this nature takes place.

You’ll then be prompted to choose HOW you’d like these colleagues to be notified; you can choose from email, mobile and desktop notifications. Choose any and all that you would like.

When you’re done, click ‘Create’ to save this alert.

You can create as many different alerts as you would like to ensure that Referred incidents are communicated effectively and consistently across the school. Teachers can choose to notify any additional members of staff while reporting a serious incident.

At any time you can edit or delete alert types to refine your policy.

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