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View and reuse all tasks that have been published at your school

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Viewing 'My Resources'

If you go to 'My Resources' on your navigation panel, you can see every task that you've ever created since you started using Satchel One.

If you have set a lot of tasks, you may see several pages at the bottom of your resources area and you can click on these to see your older tasks.

Use any of the filters at the top and the search bar to locate specific tasks that you’ve previously set. You will notice that your name is already in the 'Teacher' filter so that you can instantly see only the tasks that you have created.

Clicking on the title of a task will allow you to view the actual published historical task and all of it’s associated details including i.e. Insights, Assess and Discussion tabs, student submissions and comments.

Clicking 'Reuse' on a task will open the task up exactly as it was when you first published it, including attachments and web links, and allow you to make any changes before publishing it again to a new class. What a great time saver!

Your work is stored in 'My Resources' and will never be removed throughout your school’s licence; this means that in future years, you can reuse the same work over and over and just make little tweaks as needed.

💡 Top tip: Each time you reuse a task it will create a new version; we recommend slightly adjusting the title of your task each time you reuse it to help you differentiate between different versions!

You can delete tasks that you have previously published by clicking the red bin icon at the bottom of the task card.

⚠️ Please note: Please be aware that by deleting this task you are removing the published task and all associated details including student submissions etc. Deleted tasks cannot be retrieved.

Viewing and reusing your colleague's resources

You can also remove your name from the 'Teacher' filter by clicking the ‘x’ to see tasks that all of your colleagues have ever set across the school; you can filter through and reuse these too!

You can use any filters and the search bar in conjunction with one another to find exactly what you need.

If you reuse a colleague's resource it will not overwrite their work but will create a new version under your name.

⚠️ Please note: If you share a class with a colleague, you will be able to 'Edit' their task as if it were your own. Please be very careful to 'Reuse' a colleague's work instead of editing it to avoid the risk of overwriting and erasing their published task.

Viewing 'My Drafts'

If you’ve saved any work as a draft, you can find it by going to My Resources and clicking on the ‘My Drafts’ tab at the top.

Click on the title of the draft and then choose to ‘Edit’ it from the ‘Actions’ menu if you’d like to continue working on the draft and then publish it.

Click 'Reuse' if you'd like to create a new copy of this draft while retaining the original version.

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