Viewing Assessment Data

View key assessment data imported from your MIS

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Assessment allows you to view each student's most recent assessment results in Satchel One, imported directly from your school's MIS. View current working levels, target grades, reading ages, and more.

Please note - This article describes where you can find assessment data in Satchel One. For information on importing this data in the first place, see Importing Assessment Data.

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Viewing assessment data in the Student List

When you visit a class's Student List tab, you will find a 'Layout view' button, allowing you to select the information you want to see for this class.

Tick 'Assessment'.

You'll then be presented with a side menu, showing all the available assessment results. Simply tick the assessment results you'd like to see for your students. You can select up to four results to view simultaneously.

The key at the top of the Assessment menu shows which colours correspond with each assessment result.

When you've selected the assessment results you want to see, click 'Done'.

Should you ever wish to change the assessment results visible for your class, just click the settings icon on the top right-hand side. Then click 'Assessment'. This will reopen the menu, allowing you to select different options.

Viewing assessment data in Seating plans

If your school uses our Seating app, you can also view the most recent assessment results on your seating plans, and arrange your classroom accordingly.

When editing your plan, click 'Additional options', then tick 'Assessment'. Again, the side menu will open, allowing you to tick four aspects that you'd like to view on this particular seating plan.

You can also include Assessment data on your seating plan printouts. Just click 'Export', then tick 'Assessment'. This will generate a printable PDF, which includes your students' Assessment results.

Viewing assessment data in the Student 360 Report

Assessment results can be included in the Student 360 Report. This report provides a comprehensive summary of all the tasks a student has received across all subjects, their overall behaviour, and their attainment.

Go to Reports, then click to access the Student 360 Report.

You can use the filters to narrow down results. Then click 'Export'. You can now choose which information to include in your report.

To include assessment data, tick 'Assessment'. Then tick the assessment results you want to see. You can select as many as you like, and use the search function to find a specific result more quickly.

When you've selected your assessment results, click 'Done'. This will generate your Student 360 Report as a PDF. The export will include the most recent assessment result.

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