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Learn how to manage Sanctions as an Admin

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The Satchel One 'Sanctions' area allows you to set up Behavioural rules that, when met, will trigger recommendations of consequences to your Behaviour Manager.

Creating Rules

You can access this by going to Admin > Behaviour > Behaviour Policy > Sanctions.

Click 'Create rule'.

  • Reason: Select one or more reasons from the drop down list

  • Occurrences: Select how many times each of these Behaviours can happen within a specific timeframe before triggering a Sanction recommendation. When choosing your timeframe, you can select:

    • last 7 days

    • last day

    • last 30 days

    • academic year

  • Severity: Choose from severity levels 1-5

  • Sanction: Finally, choose the sanction that should be recommended if a students meets the criteria of this rule:

    • Detention - If selected, please then specify WHICH Detention type should be recommended for this rule.

    • Referred Incident

When you're finished creating your new rule, click the green 'Save' button at the bottom. This will now be added to your rule list.

Create as many rules as you need in order to cover your Behaviour policy effectively.

Once your rules are set, Satchel One will start to scan for any negative Behaviour points set to students and will populate your Sanction dashboard with any students that meet the criteria of a rule.

Assigning the 'Behaviour Manager' Role

When using Sanctions, it's helpful to assign the role of Behaviour Manager to at least one member of your team; this means that when a student meets the criteria of a rule and a Sanction is recommended, the Behaviour Manager will be alerted automatically.

Via Account Settings

Individuals can assign the Behaviour Manager role to themselves by going to Account Settings > Main Role > and selecting 'Behaviour Manager'.

Via Admin > Manage Users

Alternatively, you can allocate this role to your colleagues if you are an Admin by going to Admin > Manage Users > Edit a teacher / staff member > Select 'Behaviour Manager' as their Main Role.

Once the Behaviour Manager role has been assigned, the individual will be able to see a new area appear in their Account Settings area, allowing them to manage their notification preferences.

Behaviour Managers can choose to receive emails and / or web browser notifications.

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