Student 360° report

Generate a file for one or more students with a detailed overview of their progress and wellbeing

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The Student 360° report allows you to custom build a user-friendly PDF report that creates a holistic view for each pupil using data from all our Satchel One apps. Ideal to hand out during a parents’ evening and for staff to collate important information in a single document.

What's included in the report?

With the Student 360°, you can create a modular report with just the right information for your defined user group and choose any of your custom aspects to include their Assessment results.

You can also add a summary page with charts and widgets with key statistics for Behaviour, Detentions, Attendance, and Homework.

There’s an option to include a detailed record breakdown for each of our apps and export specific Welfare notes with granular control.

Our formatting options allow you to add a cover page, a comment box and the name of the teachers/staff that generated it.

Depending on the Satchel One apps the school has subscribed to, the relevant options will be available for you to check and include in your report. Any apps that the school has not subscribed to yet will show with a grey padlock icon.

How do I generate my report?

To generate your report, click the 'Reports' tab from your taskbar and then click Student 360° report from the menu, then View details. Here, you can combine as many of the available filters as you wish to generate your report.

Once you’ve added the filters to include the students you’d like to review the details for, select the Export option. A new window will appear on the right-hand side of your page to select the details you’d like to include.

The student overview can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the students’ performance and general details, according to the apps enabled for your school. When exporting the report you can select to include their Summary of Behaviour, Detentions, Welfare notes, homework and/or Attendance in a detailed pie chart.

The breakdown options will provide you with a detailed list of records for each student. If your school has subscribed to Assessment, select the Grade aspects you’d like to see the results for. The homework option will allow you to include tasks for a specific subject as well as their Submission statuses and grades.

💡Top tip: Generate this report to quickly check the expected duration for each task and the total duration of the included tasks.

If your school has subscribed to our Behaviour app, you can include a breakdown of their Positive and/or Negative points as well as any awarded badges to review the date the point/badge was added, the name of the teacher and their Behaviour reason.

For Welfare notes, you can include in the report only the notes you’ve created for the student or shared notes made by other teachers. You can also include pastoral notes or all personal notes created for the students.

Detentions are also available for you to include which will include a table with the date of the detention, the type and reason that were selected, the name of the teacher and when they created the detention.

Finally, you can also edit the format of the report to include a cover page for each student with their full name, Registration group and the date frame the data refers to. You can also include a comment area on the Cover page for you to add any handwritten notes and the name of the teacher that generated the report.

📝Note: Depending on the number of students and the amount of information selected to export the report, it may take some time for it to be generated and downloaded. You can always close the window and the report will be emailed to you.

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