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The app

The Satchel One app allows teachers to quickly set and mark simple homework tasks as well as visit a large array of our Satchel One additional apps on the go. To download the app on your iOS device, visit the App Store or click the link below.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to search for your school to start the login process. You can to do this by searching the school's name directly or by using the school's postcode. Then you will be able to log in using your usual login details for Satchel One.


By default, you will be brought to your Homepage where you can see all apps that the school may be using. To navigate to other areas in the app, use these tabs on your screen:

  • Homework: Where you can create simple assignments, view upcoming and past work, and mark your students' submissions.

  • Behaviour: Assigning Behaviour points and Custom Badges through the app.

  • Timetables: View your upcoming classes all automatically imported from your MIS.

  • Attendance: View and mark attendance directly from your phone or tablet.

On the bottom of your screen, you will see a number of other handy shortcuts:

  • Notices: See all present and future events or announcements here.

  • Updates: View all notifications such as new comments and submissions and keep up to date with all school announcements and event reminders for this week, next week and this month

  • Settings: From here you can access your personal details, log out of your account, link your calendar, adjust your notification settings, connect to our Help Centre and find out how to contact us.




You can set a homework assignment on the app just like you would on the browser. To create a new homework task, touch on the Homework icon.

When you first arrive on Homework, you will see the Homework apps Dashboard. This allows you to see your upcoming and past work.

If it does not have your most recent work showing, simply drag and release the screen to refresh the page. You can also search for specific works at the top of your screen.

On the bottom of your screen you can search for tasks by either Dashboard or Classes. Classes allows you to locate work based on specific classes that you teach. Touch on any relevant class to view any past or upcoming work you may have within it.

Creating a Task in Homework

To create a task simply touch on the cross on the the top right of the screen.

Fill out the fields as you would the website. Add any attachments or web links, and click Create in the top right-hand corner.

Please note: On the app, you can only create a standard Assignment. To create other task types (Classwork, Spelling Test, Quiz etc) please visit our website.

Mark Homework

To mark an assignment on the app, tap the name of the homework task.
Here you will be brought to the tasks details.

This is where you can view:

  • The description of the task

  • The insights detailing how many of your students and parents have or have not viewed the task

  • The assess page allowing you to mark students work with submission status, grades and comments.

  • The Discussion tab allows both teachers and students to open up the task as a forum, discussing the work at play.

You can select an individual or multiple students and use the bottom three buttons to add a submission status, leave a comment for your student, or apply a grade. Once confirmed, students will be notified of these as usual.



Discussion Tab


Our Behaviour app lets you award or deduct points, and give badges as awards to your students. Touch on the Behaviour icon.

Use the search bar at the top of your screen or scroll through your classes to locate a class

Once you have found the class you need, you will be given your list of students from that class. You can show or hide behaviour points on the top right of the screen.

On the bottom of your page you will see Student list, Behaviour and Leaderboard.

For now, touch on the Behaviour tab.

Select one or multiple students that you would like to assign points or badges.

To award Behaviour points, click on ➕ or ➖ just above the student list to give or deduct points accordingly.

On the next screen, you will be able to choose a reason for your points from the drop-down menu.

If your administrators have set up a Behaviour policy, the points value for each reason will be displayed below the title. Selecting the reason will automatically assign these points to your selected students. Alternatively, you will be able to input the number of points you wish to issue on the next step.

You can also click 'skip reason' if you wish to not specify a reason, unless your school has behaviour writeback enabled (this is because reasons are required when writing information back to your MIS).

💡Please note: If your administrator has pre-assigned a number of points for a reason you will not be able to change it.

Select the number of points by using the arrows or by typing a number into the box.

💡Note for schools that have Behaviour writeback enabled: if your school has chosen to write behaviour information back to your MIS you will be able to change information/add additional details by clicking the link Click here to add more details. Specifically you will be able to change the date, add the subject and/or comments. This information will NOT be shared with students and/or parents, this is for internal use only.

Click 'Finish' and you're done!

💡Note for Behaviour writeback: When deducting points you will also have to choose a status. This status comes from your school's MIS and will therefore vary from one school to another. It is used to provide the escalation status of an incident and is part of the required information we write back. Below is an example:

Issuing Badges

To award a badge, click on . On the next screen, either scroll down the list or use the search bar to find a badge.

Click Award a badge and you're done!

Top tip: Your administrators can set up custom reasons, customise the badges and create a behaviour policy


Our Timetable app allows you to view your schedule on the go, all pulled from your MIS! Open the Timetables app on your device,

You will see your agenda for today and the coming days immediately. All classes will be presented in blue boxes showing their time, class, location and subject. If you have a class that is live it will show in pink. You can scroll up and down to see your past and near future days of classes.

Tap on the calendar on the top right of your page. You can tap on any future or past date to see the classes on that day.


Mark student's attendance with our Attendance Pro app. Simply touch on the Attendance app.

You will be navigated to your classes. Here you can search for your classes on the search bar, or choose from the classes you are teaching today, your entire class list, your favourites or all classes across the entire school.

When you have selected your chosen class, you will be brought to the class's Attendance. Here you can touch on Change on the top right to view the register for their live lesson period that you are teaching, or mark their AM or PM session.

You can mark each student individually or you can mark all as present on the top right and then highlight individual students for different reasons for their absences. The attendance marks to select from will be pulled from the schools MIS.

Add comments to students attendance status by tapping the Comments button on the bottom right.

When you are finished, tap Save.

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