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Streamline school communication with parents by sharing important school documents electronically.

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What is Documents?

Documents allows you to import documents from SIMS and securely deliver them to students and parents through Satchel One. This can significantly cut down on admin time and printing costs, as well as ensuring documents are not lost or misplaced.

Locating Documents

Firstly click 'Documents' on your navigation panel where you will see any previously imported documents from your SIMS.

You can choose from the following filters:

  • Import Status

  • Files sent

  • Document Types

  • Groups

Importing Documents

If you wish to import more documents, click on the green 'Import documents' button at the top right of the Documents screen. This will open a pop-out menu where you can make some choices.

ℹ️ Please note: To import documents, you must be a Satchel One Admin user.

Use the 'Students' dropdown menu to select your group. You may then be prompted to select specific students/classes/year groups based on your group choice.

Then pick the document type you wish to import for your chosen students.

ℹ️ Please note: We only import documents that have been created or updated in the past 30 days.

When you are happy with the chosen documents, click the green 'Sync now' at the bottom of the pop-out menu.

Your import may take some time if you're importing a large volume of documents but you'll be able to keep an eye on the 'Import status' to check the progress.

Once the import is complete, you will see your new imported documents listed in the Documents table.

You can now click 'View' beside any of your imported documents on Satchel One.

Viewing and sending Documents

You'll see a list of any and all documents that have been found for your chosen student(s).

The 'Parent/Carer email' column will show the email address for any guardian that has a Satchel One account linked to the student; it may contain more than one.

When you're ready, click the green 'Send' button at the top right of your screen. Parents/carers will receive an email containing a link to the new Document.

💡 Top tip: If the parent/carer email column is blank for many of your students, consider encouraging guardians to create a Satchel One account before sending your Documents. You can use this article to help you boost engagement!

Deleting Documents

Staff can delete a Document for an individual student by visiting their Satchel One profile, clicking their ‘Documents’ tab, locating the relevant document, and clicking the red bin icon.

If staff wish to delete Documents on a larger scale, they can simply go to the Documents area on their navigation panel and click the bin icon here. This would delete every Document that had been obtained through this import for all relevant users.

If the Document has not yet been sent to users, it will not have a ‘Send date’. When deleting unsent documents, you will simply receive this message:

If the document has been sent and is already visible to students and parents, you will receive this message:

If documents are deleted in error, they can simply be reimported by following the normal process as outlined earlier in this video.

What do students/parents see?

Students and parents will now see a 'Documents' option on their navigation panel.

Once opened, they'll see a table containing any documents that have been sent to them previously with the related 'Publish date' and a column showing whether this has been viewed by their parent/guardian.

Students and parents can use the 'Search documents' bar to locate a specific file as and when needed.




How long are imported Documents stored in Satchel One?

Documents remain in Satchel One for 2 academic years.

I'm trying to import Documents but it's not finding anything - why is this?

Documents are only imported if they were created/edited within the last 30 days. Documents are also processed by XoD during the nightly import and will be available for our app to sync the next day.

How large can a document file be?

There’s no storage limit for Documents.

Why is the Import option not clickable?

Only teachers/staff with admin rights can Import Documents.

Why are there no parent/carer emails when I view the Document?

Documents can only be sent to the parent accounts that are linked to the students. Please confirm that there is at least one parent account linked to the student.

How can I view my Document file on the app?

Documents are currently available only on the web version. NA apps don’t have the Documents option.

I'm trying to sync Document files for a year group but the import keeps failing. Why is that?

Documents are live requests sent to your MIS. To ensure they can be processed successfully, please try either outside of busy hours or for smaller groups like registration or teaching classes.

We are not a SIMS school, can we add this app to our license?

Currently, the Documents are only available for SIMS schools. On Satchel MIS however, you are able to do a manual upload from a zip. file and share files in the format you prefer. Please contact us for more information.

How are users notified about a new document being shared?

Parents are notified via email which includes a direct link to their document to view it. Students are not notified but can access them in the Documents section.

Can I see if a document has been viewed and by whom?

There is an opened column that will either show as blank or with a green tick if it has been accessed by a parent. You can't see exactly who has opened it but whether it's been accessed by a parent/carer.

I accidentally deleted a document; can I get it back?

Deletions are non-revertable, however, you can request the same document type to import it again.

What file format will our documents be when shared with users?

SIMS output provides us with an XML or Word file type. The files will be imported as Word files. Parents and students can download the relevant third-party app to access them as expected.

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