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What is Neeto?

Neeto is a low stakes quizzing tool with a searchable bank of free quiz questions created by teachers. Search for questions by entering topics into the search bar above.

What subjects are covered by the Neeto question bank?

Neeto currently provides English, Science, Maths, History, Geography and Religious Education questions. We'll be adding more in future, if you'd like to have your say in what comes next to Neeto you can tell us here

How can I make a quiz?

You can use the purple create quiz button in the left sidebar to create a new quiz.

A free account is needed to make a quiz so you’ll be asked to either log in or sign up.

💡 Top tip: You can also create a new quiz from the question action menu.

How can I add a question to a quiz?

Questions can be added to a quiz in any of the following ways:

  • On the quiz screen click the 'Create question' button to add a brand new question to this quiz.

  • Open the question’s action menu (three dots) hover over ‘Add to quiz’ and then click on the title of your chosen quiz.

  • Click and drag a question onto the title of the quiz you wish to add it too.

💡 Top tip: You can quickly open the actions menu by right clicking anywhere on the question itself.

What do the Challenging and Simple labels on questions mean?

The Challenging and Simple labels are our difficulty indicators for questions on Neeto.

These estimations are based on the aggregate scores achieved by real students when being set these questions and can act as a guide when attempting to mix difficulties yourself.

Can I edit the questions in my quiz or add entirely new questions?

Once a question has been added to a quiz you can access the edit question option in the action menu (three dots).

Whilst editing a question you can update the text, answers, the total number of answers or any attached images.

Can I share a Neeto quiz with my friends & colleagues?

A link to one of your Neeto quizzes can be shared to anyone even if they do not have an account yet.

The link recipient will be able to see all of the questions within the quiz and has access to all of the same publishing options.

Whilst viewing another user's quiz the favourite button will save the quiz to your account for use later on.

How can I share one of my Neeto Quizzes with Students?

The different methods of sharing a quiz with students are available in the publish menu.

Worksheets allow you to export either a PDF for printing or a word doc.

Neeto's Whiteboard mode is fantastic for using a quiz quickly in one of your classes.

Simply project the quiz in class and either have students respond by raising their hand or writing down their answers and holding up.

Flashcards allow a Neeto quiz to be revised without multiple choice answers. This can further reinforce learning when provided as an additional resource in combination with other Neeto activities.

💡 Top tip: You can control Whiteboard mode and Flashcards with the following keyboard shortcuts

Right arrow: Forward one question
Left arrow: Back one question
Spacebar: Reveal / hide answer
Escape: Exit whiteboard mode

Can flashcards be accessed from a mobile device?

Although the quiz building experience on Neeto is currently only supported on the web flashcards are accessible from any device.

It's because of this we recommend you use the 'Copy link' option under flashcards rather than sharing the direct link to the quiz.

How do I enable automatic grading for a Neeto quiz?

Neeto quizzes can be administered digitally via Satchel One with automatic grading, engagement insights and common misconception analysis.

Just use the Satchel One option within the publish menu on any Neeto quiz.

What do I do if I find a question that is incorrect or shouldn’t be shown in Neeto?

If you ever find a question that you feel needs to be updated or removed then you can use the ‘Report question’ option in the action menu.

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