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Neeto: Creating a Quiz
Neeto: Creating a Quiz

Learn to create a quiz on Neeto

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Neeto is the quickest way to find ready to use questions created by UK teachers. Today we will explore how to create a quiz.

Creating a Quiz

We are now logged in, we can create our first quiz! Let’s start by creating a new quiz and naming it here:

You can edit your account details or log out here:

Now let’s start exploring our massive array of topics here:

Today we are going to explore 'Othello'

You will see there are over 900 Othello based quiz questions to choose from!

Neeto’s intelligent search algorithm ensures that the most relevant quality questions are shown at the top for you to use.

However, we do have a number of filters here to help you navigate your way to more suited questions. You can refine your results here. This will automatically filter key words and topics based on the type of quiz you are making. You can search here:

If we break it down by age group here, it will show a more focused set of questions aimed more at the year group you may be creating this quiz for:

You will notice our "difficulty recommendations" This is based on student's average performance when previously set this question.

Click here on this quiz question to view the multiple choice answers

If you are happy, click here to Add to Quiz. You have the option to add it to your existing quiz or create a new quiz from scratch.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the question into your preferred quiz!

Exploring Your Quiz

Now that you have added your preferred questions to your quiz, let’s see our collection of questions here:

You can create your own question here. Here you can add your question , a correct answer and multiple incorrect answers. You can also add an image here:

Alternatively, if you wish to edit previously used questions, you can do so here:

Please note: Any edits are only applied in the context of your own quiz and will not appear in search results for other members of the Neeto community. If you feel a question should be permanently changed you can let us know using the report question option in the question action menu

Let's go back to the quiz. Here we can see our new quiz. If you click here, you will have the option to Rename or Delete your quiz. If you wish to publish this quiz, click here:

If you wish, you can do the Student Copy will give you the option to export this quiz into either a PDF or a Word File.

If you choose Whiteboard Mode, you can have a digital copy of the quiz (and even have a go of it yourself)

You can use your directional buttons to jump from one question to the next. Alternatively, you can press SPACE to hide or show the answer.

If your school uses Satchel One, you can share this directly here. This will ‘import’ your quiz directly to our Satchel One Quiz task.

You can do the same for Microsoft Teams here:

Click Share to to directly share this quiz to multiple apps, or to copy this link to share elsewhere.

To share this to a range of other apps or simply grab the link click here:

To create a dublicate of this quiz, click Copy here:

To rename your quiz, click here:

To delete your quiz altogether, click here:

To remove your quiz from the sidebar, click here:

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