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Be prepared - curate your On Call team!

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The On Call feature allows you to nominate and curate a list of On Call staff who will receive an alert when triggered by any member of staff; this could be in the event of challenging behaviour from a student.

When an alert is triggered, all members of the On Call team will be notified via push notification on the mobile app and via the Priority Alerts area on the web browser.

One member of the On Call team will assign an alert to themselves which they will then be able to resolve. All members of the On Call team will receive a summary email when an alert has been resolved.

Curating your On Call team

To curate your On Call team, please go to Admin > Behaviour > On call.

You'll see a list of any staff who are already a part of the On Call team.

These are the staff members who will be notified when an On Call alert is triggered.

If you'd like to add someone new, click the green 'Add staff' button at the top right.

Search for the desired staff members and multi-select as necessary. When you're done, click the green 'Save' button at the bottom.

When you have a list of staff in place, you will see their name (sorted by surname in alphabetical order) followed by their 'Contract role' as determined in your MIS.

If you wish to remove a member of staff from the On Call team, simply click the red bin icon at the far right of their name. Staff can be added to the list again at any time.

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