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Neeto + MS Forms
Neeto + MS Forms

A quick guide on how to export your Neeto quiz into MS Forms.

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Please note: MS Forms doesn’t currently allow image transfer via its import tool so any Neeto question with an image will not include the image in MS Forms. You will have to download and attach images to the relevant questions within MS Forms.

How to Export Neeto Quiz to MS Forms

  • Go to Neeto and select the quiz you wish to export to MS Forms.

  • Go to the Publish button and select the Export option.

  • Click the link below for Microsoft instructions on how to upload your Neeto quiz.

  • If you can’t find the Import quiz functionality when you visit the MS Forms home page. You will need to click the "All My Forms" link on the bottom right-hand side of the page to see the Quick import button.

  • Please remember to indicate within MS Forms which answer option is the correct one so the quiz can be auto-graded by the platform. MS Forms doesn't currently allow correct answers to be transferred into the platform from imported worksheets

Using Neeto Flashcards in MS Forms

If you wish to include a flashcard link with your MS Forms then go to Flashcards option in Publish and Copy link. You can then add this link in MS Forms for your quiz audience.

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