Streamline school communication with parents by uploading and sharing important school documents electronically.

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What is Documents?

Documents allow you to upload document files from your device and securely deliver them to students and parents through Satchel One. This can significantly cut down on admin time and printing costs, and help ensure documents are not lost or misplaced.

What is the difference between Documents and Documents Import?

With documents, there is no data sync to your MIS so instead, you will be using TSV mapping. There are also no limitations on file types you can upload (your documents will be received by users in the format that you choose to send them) and similarly, no limitations regarding which documents can be shared depending on when they were created.

Documents Import instead relies on an MIS sync. More information about the import process can be found here.

Locating Documents

First, click on 'Early Access' and 'Documents' on your navigation panel where you will see any previously uploaded and shared documents.

You can filter the documents by:

  • Import status

  • Send status

  • Document types

  • Group

Creating Document types

You can create your own document types by navigating to Tools > Apps > Documents.

If you have the Documents 'Import' app you'll see the types that already exist in your MIS. In this case, you won't be able to add or remove any types as they'd need to be edited in your MIS first.

If you have the Documents app enabled, you'll be able to create, edit and delete the document types on that page. To create a Document type, please add its name and code (e.g. General Document type can have code "GENERAL").

Uploading Documents

To upload documents to share with your students and parents, you will need access to the 'Early access' area of our site; please speak to our Support team if this has not yet been enabled for your school.

Once you are in the Early access area, you will see a 'Documents' tab where you can click the green 'Import' button at the top right of your screen; this will open a side menu on the right-hand side.

You will now see a pop-up menu with the following:

  • Document type - select the Document type you'd like to upload.

  • Files - upload the zipped document files. Please note that the files need to be zipped before uploading.

  • TSV file - Download our TSV template. The download includes the following fields:

- Student UPN

- Forename

- Surname

- Attachment name - please ensure that the name includes the file path. For instance, if you have a zipped file named "Studentx.pdf" in a folder named "Test" it would need to be added as "Test/Studentx.pdf".

Once you've completed all areas, please complete your upload; you'll be returned to the main Documents page where you can monitor the progress of the upload and click 'View' when it's completed.

Viewing and sending Documents

Click 'view' on any completed Documents upload to see a list of documents that were uploaded for your chosen student(s).

The 'Parent/Carer email' column will show the email address for any guardian that has a Satchel One account linked to the student; it may contain more than one.

When you're ready, click the green 'Send' button at the top right of your screen. Parents/carers will receive an email containing a link to the new Document.

What do students/parents see?

Students and parents will now see a 'Documents' option on their navigation panel.

Once opened, they'll see a table containing any documents that have been sent to them previously with the related 'Publish date' and a column showing whether this has been viewed by their parent/guardian.

Students and parents can use the 'Search documents' bar to locate a specific file as and when needed.

Note: Uploaded documents will not be sent to anyone until you complete this step. You can come back and do this at any time.

Deleting Documents

Staff can delete a Document for an individual student by visiting their Satchel One profile, clicking their ‘Documents’ tab, locating the relevant document, and clicking the red bin icon.

If staff wish to delete Documents on a larger scale, they can simply go to the Documents area on their navigation panel and click the bin icon here. This would delete every Document that had been obtained through this import for all relevant users.

If the Document has not yet been sent to users, it will not have a ‘Send date’. When deleting unsent documents, you will simply receive this message:

If the document has been sent and is already visible to students and parents, you will receive this message:

If documents are deleted in error, they can simply be reimported by following the normal process as outlined earlier in this video.




What is the difference between Documents and Documents Import?

With Documents, there is no data sync to your MIS that could cause delays when trying to import the files. There are also no 30 days or file type limits.

I have two files for a student I'd like to upload.

Currently, two files can't be uploaded for the same student. You can upload one document, send it to the student and parent and upload the second file later on.

I receive an error when trying to upload my documents.

"Files in .zip not found in the TSV: *filename*"

The pdfs need to be zipped at the top level; they cannot be contained within a folder. Please open the folder, select all of the files, and zip these together.

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